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1/2" White Type B PEX Pipe - 10' Stick

Code: EPX12WS10

Sioux Chief 664X2W10 Type B Stick PEX Pipe, 1/2" X 10-FT Lengths.
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Sioux Chief PowerPEX® crosslinked polyethylene tubing shall be used in hot and cold potable water distribution or for approved non-potable system applications. PowerPEX® tubing is offered as Type-B tubing for ⅛" – 2" tubing and generally available in red, white and blue colors as straight lengths and coils.

Applications: Plumbing, Radiant, Fire Suppression, Geothermal, Water Reclamation, Turf Conditioning, Irrigation

Materials: Type-B PEX Pipe (Silane Graft Process)

Size: 1/2"

OD*: 0.625

Wall: 0.070

Calculated ID: 0.485

Weight: 0.11LBS

Approved Fitting Systems: PEX-B Tubing: ASTM F1807 / ASTM F2080 / ASTM F1960 / ASTM F2159

Chlorine Resistance / UV Resistance: PEX-B Tubing: 5206 or 5306

Listings:: NSF-14, NSF-61, cNSFus-PW, ASTM F876, ASTM F877, IAPMO/cUPC, ASTM F1807 / ASTM F2080 / ASTM F2159 / ASTM F1960

*Source: ASTM F876 middle of spec used

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